lances silly links

link me !

buttons !!


dafont lots of f2u fonts to download!

w3schools lots of coding tutorials, how i learned html

button maker a free web button maker! lots of coding help

codepen lots of f2u codes for profiles and stuff

98.css windows 98 style css sheet

html cheat sheet for when you dont feel like writing 200 lines of code

image editing

ezgif very nice gif editor

photopea basically free photoshop

picsart my fave photo editing app/site, very kind community too

blinkies cafe blinkie maker with lots of templates

userbox maker simple and easy userbox maker


kandi patterns patterns for kandi and perler beads!

lomando an extremely entertaining horror puzzle game

chicken smoothie a fun pet adopt game!

pokecharm make your own pokemon trainer card!

pony town make pixel ponies and chat!

pixilart what i use to make pixel art :P

everskies a fun forum/dress up game, easy to get banned tho

smg4 in utero nirvanas "in utero" in the smg4 soundfont

shoplook make cute outfits/moodboards


glitter graphics a 2000s site full of old web graphics

stamplandz a rentry i made with lots of stamps

camerons world tons of old web graphics. download link

gifcities archived gifs

mochis directory everskies graphic directory

ciphers masterpost spacehey masterpost 1

lotus's masterpost spacehey masterpost 2

sarahs blinkie collection spacehey blinkies 1

zombiez graphics spacehey blinkies 2

rooks stamps spacehey stamps 1

carrds and tumblrs

gifs crd co just gifs

wilardo crd co my fave resc carrd

terror crd co sum cool graphics