APRIL 21 2023 - SCHOOL

AUGUST 9 2023 - Hows Life Been? code credit:


Ive actually been really on and off recently. i got prismacolors and i am so happy! i should post more of my art on here lol. I made a SP oc, Aspen, and i love them!?!??! they're adorbs. ive been really in to dance moms recently and I HATE IT. its the worst show ever but its... so good... im into shows like that *cough cough* south park *cough cough* i just went to a fun center, although i didnt have much fun lol. Im happ[y to be back and coding :D last night I stayed up ALL night watching tv lol, im still tired. guess its my fault though, ill deal with it. Me and jax still talk a lot. ive been getting more in to coding again lol.


A lot of stuff happened in inpatient. Sadly I missed my girlfriends birthday :( But its all good, there was this really annoying kid, who for privacy I am going to call Miles, who was very rude. He bragged about everything possible. He is younger, so I'll give him that, but still. He banged on the walls and WAILED in the middle of the night. It was SOOO annoying. I did make some friends there, who I will call Marie and Sara, who were very nice. Sara was my roomate, and we would talk about basically anything in the week we knew each other. There was a really funny nurse, who called us munchkins and a flock of silly geese (lol) Something else I remember is the apple juice in weird apple sauce containers. Guess its cause we werent allowed straws.


After a breif inpatient stay and a month of outpatient, Im ready to go back to school. School was weird. One of my friends reacted by saying "OMG! Its the real Lanc! I thought you exploded!" to which I replied "It took weeks to glue me back together." I GOT TO SEE MY MATH TEACHER WHO PROBABLY HATES ME THOUGH UWUUWUWUUWU I also got to see my best friend, Tai. I had already seen my other best friend, Sam, because we hung out at the pool. That was really fun. My favorite part of going back to school besides seeing my friends was English. I love English class and have really good grades in it. Luckily while I was gone they dismissed all of my missing work which was SOOOO nice. Sadly I have to do testing though :(((((( I CAME BACK RIGHT WHEN WE DID TESTING OH GOLLY GEE ARENT I SOOOO LUCKY?????