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Basic Information

Pronouns - any

Sexuality - Lesbian

Favorite colors - Pink and Green

Favorite food - Sushi

Favorite TV show - Bungou Stray Dogs , South Park

Favorite movie - The Princess Bride

Favorite Book - The perks of being a Wallflower

Favorite Video Game - Undertale

Favorite Artist - Nirvana

Favorite Animal - Raccoon

Status - Taken

Interests: south park, coding, pyschology, bsd, OMORI, happy sugar life, stardew valley, ace attorney, mcu, invader zim, and more!

I speak English and a little bit of German

Q. Do you collect anything? A. Beads, pins, cards (ex Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh Magic Business Random)

Q. What is your favorite holiday? A. Halloween!

Q. Who is your hero? A. Kurt Cobain probably.

Q. What is your favorite random fact? A. Barbie and Ken broke up in 2004. (They got back together in 2011.)